Sending text messages while driving can be very dangerous. Do not text and drive.

You can send emonocons in your text messages to change the tone of the message :)

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How to send a text message


Samsung Galaxy Proclaim How to send a text message:Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

Text messages are a very common way to communicate and get messages quickly to anyone.

Here is how to send a text message:

1. Click on the text message icon (shown on the image on right).

2. Click "New message"

3. Click on the "To" field and enter the number of your recipient (you might need to click on the "?123" icon at the bottom left of the screen to enter numbers.

4. Click on "Type to compose" field and use the on screen keypad to enter your message. You can add an attachment by clicking the paperclip on the right below SEND.

5. If you have entered your message and are ready to send it, click "Send".


Quick Facts

Text messages are limited to 160 characters (including spaces) per message.

You can exceed 160 characters but if you do, two or more messages will be sent.

It is not known why text messages are limited to 160 characters.