You do not need to have an active account to use your GPS feature.

To save battery life, disable GPS services.

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Samsung Galaxy Proclaim How to use GPS for driving instructions:Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

Getting around is critical and your Samsung Galaxy Proclaim can do it for your.

Here is how to use your GPS Map

1. First activate GPS: Click on the bottom left settings icon on the phone (shown on the image on right). Click on the "Settings" bottom right square to open settings.

2. Scroll to and click "Google location and services" click on "Standalone GPS services" and Agree to terms.

3. Return to home screen and click the "Maps" icon .

4. You will see a map with your location and a few icons around the screen. Click on the top center bar that reads "Search Maps".

5. Enter the address using the keypad that will pop up you want to find and then click the search button on the right or choose from the suggested addresses.

NOTE: You can also use Maps to find restaurants or landmarks.

6. The location you want will appear on the map. Click the location and then click on "Directions".

7. Click on the blue triangle like icon on the right for turn by turn directions to your location.


Quick Facts

There are two types of GPS. Regular GPS and AGPS. AGPS uses network towers for better position accuracy.

If you have an emergency and call 911, they can usually find you by using the GPS chip in your phone.