To make the application downloading process smoother, make sure you have an active Google account before you start.

If your phone is not active yet, you can still download applications using WiFi

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How to download Applications

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Samsung Galaxy Proclaim How to download Applications:Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

Downloading Applications is one of the highlights of owning an Android phone. You can find lots of FREE and paid applications that range from usefulness to pure fun and entertainment.

Your Samsung Galaxy Proclaim may not have the "Play Store" and might have the older Google Market but do not worry, once you access the market, your phone will automatically download the latest version of Google Play.

Here is how to download your applications from Google Play:

1. Click the Google Play (or Market) icon.

2. Add or sign into your Google Account. If you do not have one, you can create an account from your phone [Create or Sign in]. Keep the back up option checked. This will keep your phone synched with your contacts.

3. That's pretty much it! You are now ready to search and browse the Play Store and download your applications.

NOTE: Occasionally you might see an icon at the top left header of the screen with updates. Drag this header down and check for updates.


Quick Facts

Use the Search option to find applications and books by name. The search function can be used by clicking the magnifying glass at the top right of the Play Store.